Women's Self-Defense

Robert and Vajra have pioneered a streetwise self-defense system for women that emphasizes environmental awareness. They place focus on avoidance and early threat detection, but also teach highly effective techniques for evasion, escape, and threat elimination. Known as the HERA Method, their approach is Holistic, Environmental, Realistic, and Active (also: Healing, Empowering, Reparative, and Affirming). Still in development, the HERA Method has been piloted with tremendous success in Colorado with feedback from participants and Hannah Kinderlehrer, a Boulder-based dance instructor and group facilitator. HERA groups take place in a safe, relaxed environment, and include wisdom circles, fun exercises, and techniques for regulating one's nervous system under stress.


By the end of 2019, all 4 Rings women's self-defense programs will be run entirely by women under the supervision of Maya Fliegel.


Locations: workshops and longer events in various locations as scheduled